Monthly Archives: April 2011

Governor Snyder’s Inaugural Address-It’s Time to Start a New Era

Spiritual Leaders, Below is the link to Governor Snyder’s speech this last Saturday (1-1-11). Because Rick Snyder is the God designated authority for our state, it is important for spiritual leaders to pay attention to his words, vision and decrees. We have a mandate by God to pray for him, so paying attention to him, praying for him, aligning ourselves with his vision creates a spiritual opportunity for the God ordained powers of the Church

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Culture of Honor-Black History Month

Spiritual Leaders, The passion that drives me to write is the promotion of a culture of honor! I am dismayed by the dishonor that permeates our society! Recent emails to you from me have encouraged honor for our state senators, representatives and supreme court judges by praying for them – intelligently, specifically. Honor expressed is Kingdom manifest! Let me speak to you of another arena that calls out for the promotion a culture of honor

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