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The Day After the Election –

I've been thinking a lot about the day after the election. The one predominant thought that all trains of thought eventually lead back to is this one... What a day for the Church to arise! Conventional wisdom points to about three possibilities for the day after the election. First, Romney wins and Obama supporters go into depression. Rumors persist about calls for rioting, looting and the assassination of Romney. Second, Obama is re-elected and

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Our Journey toward Government – by Peter Dresser

Our Journey toward Government -- by Peter Dresser My wife, Lisa, and I are the senior pastors of Metro Detroit Christian Church.  Historically, we have not been a congregation that is active in government or politics. However, two years ago, the Holy Spirit started us on a journey toward government – a journey that I now know is central to the expression of Christ’s kingdom in our state and nation. Awakening — throwing off the lies of revisionist

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Why I Started The Culture of Honor

I saw a problem and I knew God wanted me to do something about it! While pastoring churches since 1989, unusual opportunities arose for me to be engaged in politics. I became a bridge between faith and politics. What I saw alarmed me! Politics gladly “used” the Church for its purposes. At times the Church returned the favor. But mostly the Church turned away to keep the partisan divisiveness from entering its sacred community and from being tainted

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