Take a moment to imagine…

  • An effective government resulting from God’s principle that praying for those in authority produces peace and stability (I Timothy 2:2)
  • Pastors significantly encouraging government leaders with love, honor and prayer support regardless of their party affiliation.
  • Lansing filled with God’s wisdom because Christians throughout Michigan are loving, supporting and praying for their legislators by name.
  • The church in Michigan no longer divided by race and politics because together we seek the mind of Christ for solutions to the challenges we face.

While pastoring in Detroit’s suburbs I got involved in the political scene in Michigan. I saw firsthand the unhealthy way the political parties seek to use the church to get votes. Pastors instinctively feel politics’ manipulation and the power it has to divide their church, so they generally keep the political stuff away from their church.

It may seem counterintuitive, but instead of the church being less involved in government it needs more involvement. But our involvement needs to be different than expected and according to God’s word. God is greater than our government and He will bring His promised results when we do as He says, Honor the rulers. Pray for those in authority.

I believe pastors play a key role in the spiritual turn around of our state government. Because of their influence as community leaders, government leaders will respond to their calls. If pastors will know, love and pray for these leaders, they can inject a spirit of peace, love and wisdom into a system that desperately needs a new spirit.

Let’s bring these government leaders to our churches for prayer regardless of their party affiliation. And not during the election season when they have their politician’s hat on and are trying to get votes, but after the election when they need God’s help in making decisions that influence us all.

Imagine your state representative telling a colleague, Yesterday I met with a group of pastors in my district who really pray for me. To which the second representative replies, Yea, this is strange. Over the weekend I got 15 emails from constituents letting me know how they are praying for me!

Pastor Eric Neale Moore
Founder, The Society for the Promotion of a Culture of Honor

Join us and together let’s seek God and watch Him change our state.